affiliate network for influencer marketing

What is influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is a process that involves getting influencers to share the views of their fans on a specific topic. It’s a way to reach new people, bring their attention to your product and make your brand more visible.And while this process isn’t new, today there are many ways you can use influencer marketing campaigns in order to increase the traffic and engagement on your website or blog.

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WordPress for companies: themes, plugins, good habits

Using WordPress for business has become an established practice. All web agencies use this CMS to create corporate blogs, websites, small portals and sometimes e-commerce. The reason is simple: with this base it is easy to work. WordPress is versatile, simple to use.

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playing fortnite

5 Key Benefits of E-Sports you should know

“E-sports” is a form of multiplayer and organized video game competition that involves professional players and teams. The primary aspects of e-sport are facilitated by electronic systems that focus on the input of players and teams. Human-computer interfaces mediate the output of the e-sport system. Today, millions of people all around the world are spectating e-sports. 

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3 Studies Show Critical Mass for Outside-In Marketing

Erin Kissane said something recently that shocked me:

“I don’t understand your research.”

This came during a talk at the October Minneapolis Content Strategy Meetup. Now, Erin is one of the smartest people I know in the content strategy field, and author of a great little book: The Elements of Content Strategy. So when she doesn’t get it, we have a problem. Obviously, I have not done a good job of explaining my research. I thought I’d take this opportunity to explain it, not only in terms of what I’ve written both here and in our book, but in terms of what other people are writing about it.

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The Beatitudes of Digital

Navigating the collaborative culture is one of the most difficult challenges for digital creatives–designers, UX people, content strategists, coders, etc. We care about doing good work. We are passionate about it. This passion can clash with the passions of other creatives, resulting in a lot of conflict. This conflict can be heightened if we collaborate remotely. Isolation often amplifies rather than pacifies conflict. And we are not just judged by our teammates. We are judged by the results of our work. Results can be our harshest critics.

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Siri is the Killer App

Last year at this time, I wrote the following post entitled 4 Ways to Avoid Chasing the Algorithm on this blog:

Years down the road, Google might not even be the search leader. But search will be the preferred way to find information for a large and growing majority of users. Sooner than you might think, users will have a Watson in their pockets: A computer that has the best available answer for every question. As search engines approach the Watson ideal, and more users access the web through mobile devices, we think users will ever more prefer to search for information rather than browse or navigate.

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6 Ways Google Killed SEO And What to Do About It

If I seem absent from this site, it is only because most of my work is published now by Biznology. In that blog, I am following a long thread about how to optimize digital experiences for Google post SEO. SEO as we know it is dead. But attracting an audience through Google is not optional. So how do we do it in that age post SEO? That is the point of my monthly posts at Biznology.

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