Are you lost among the thousands of WordPress plugins available? Don’t worry, in this article we have compiled a list of the best WordPress plugins to turbocharge your website in 2019 !

Before we begin, let’s answer an essential question: what are WordPress plugins and how do they install them? Without going into technical details, the plugins are simply programs, free or paid, that allow you to extend the functionality of WordPress. Installing them is child’s play, just a few clicks, the real challenge is rather to select the WordPress plugins needed for a website.

The WordPress plugins available in the official directory are in fact more than 48 thousand, a gigantic number and growing. There are also many free WordPress plugins. Installing too many plugins does not help, the abundance risks in fact to slow down the loading of the pages of your website, compromising the functionality and SEO quality. The trick is to choose each extension according to the specific needs of the site, and install only effective and reliable plugins.

SEO, security, maintenance, navigability, social sharing, tools for blogs and e-commerce … WordPress plugins meet any need.

Here is a list of those we love the most.


Server problems, hacker attacks or simple management errors can put your site at serious risk. The solution to sleep soundly is to rely on a secure and efficient WordPress plugin. BackupBuddy is a valuable paid resource for creating and managing the backup of your site, restoring it if necessary in minutes. You can choose from 4 different annual subscriptions to manage backups of one or more sites.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

Another plugin dedicated to the back up of the site, which is however made on Dropbox. You can choose the folders to save, the frequency and time of the backup.

 WordPress Backup to Dropbox

Another plugin dedicated to the back up of the site, which is however made on Dropbox. You can choose the folders to save, the frequency and time of the backup.

Anti-Malware Security

Scan the site to detect and remove viruses, Trojans and malware that may have attacked it.


It is the most used spam filter to detect and block unwanted comments. The plugin detects junk comments with an accuracy of around 90% and automatically marks them as unwanted, making sure that they are not displayed under articles and pages.

Contact Forms & Website Analytics by HubSpot 

Knowing the visitors to your website is essential to make them curious, turn them into customers and retain them. This free plugin created by HubSpot allows you to get valuable information about the leads generated.

Contact Form 7

The contact form is an essential requirement for any self-respecting website. Contact Form 7 is the most popular and best plug to create it. Simple to use, and extremely flexible, it adapts to all WordPress themes and supports sending via Ajax, CAPTCHA and spam filtering from Akismet.

WP Super Cache

A free resource to improve the performance of your WordPress site. The plugin creates a cached copy of the site to increase up to 50% the speed of loading pages. Read more in our article and discover the plugin to speed up WordPress!

WP Maintenance Mode

This WordPress plugin allows you to create in a few clicks custom screens to show when the site is under maintenance. Among the features offered there are also the ability to create contact forms, links to social channels and the countdown that indicates the return online.

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

A good plugin to monitor the traffic on your website and analyze its performance. Just enter the code of Google Analytics to access many advanced features.