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A List of Tools and Resources for Google Buzz

February 19, 2010

With over 100 million gmail users, the backing of Google and over 9 million posts in the first two days I think Google Buzz is here to stay. I’m sure that over time functionality will be enhanced and like with Twitter a plethora of third party applications will be developed. Today I am not writing to debate the pros and cons of Buzz but rather to provide you with the resources to more fully utilize the tool.  This maybe slightly off topic for our blog but I believe it’s worth the diversion. So with that being said and with many thanks to SeoOptimize here is the list:

Google Buzz How tos
Unfortunately Google Buzz is not as easy to use technically as Twitter or even Friendfeed. The interface is cluttered and some basic use cases are unnecessarily difficult. These resources should assist you when it comes to disabling Buzz, searching or blogging.

Google Buzz tools
Google Buzz is still pretty new but there are already tools to enhance the Buzz experience. Whether it’s about search, analytics or WordPress tools, we have some valuable options by now.

General resources and roundups
The overwhelming number of posts and articles covering Google buzz has made it difficult to get an overview. These postings manage to give you an idea about most aspects of buzzing.

Google Buzz issues
You thought Google Buzz has only privacy issues? Yes, it has lots of them but that’s not all. You might also want to check out other shortcomings listed below before you dive in.

Google Buzz SEO
Google Buzz SEO is still nascent. Most people in the SEO industry stay silent about what it means. A few not that well known individuals have tried to explain what Google Buzz means for SEO. It’s mostly speculation though. What’s certain is that Goole Buzz buzzes get indexed pretty fast.

These should get you a quick overview about Google Buzz.

Please feel free to share your thoughts about Buzz in our comments section. We look forward to hearing from you.

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