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How to Create Highly ReTweeted Tweets – part 2

February 17, 2010

To further supplement my recent post on ”

How to Create Highly ReTweeted Tweets” I wanted to share some additional research and thoughts.

1. Tweet on the right days of the week.

Researchers have found that most tweets and retweets are sent on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. This suggests that those are the days when people are most likely to see and pay attention to your tweets. For maximun exposure in the US it was found that you should post during Eastern Time business hours.


2. Repost important messages at least a couple of times, at different hours and over the course of several days. To automate this I suggest that you schedule your tweets with the Hootsuite tool. ( ) . The only caveat is that you should change the words in your message to not appear robotic.

Research by Pete Dimaio at Fuel Interactive also found that unless people see your message within 5 minutes of posting they are unlikely to see it at all.

3. Maximize the reach and engagement of your @replies.

Since Twitter has removed the account setting ” Show me all @replies ” only the tweeters who are following both your and the recipient will see the @reply post. The easy solution is to NOT start your reply with the person’s handle ( @fjdonat ). Instead rewrite your post beginning it with other word(s) like “Great tool @fjdonat see the new metrics app I found at….”  instead of “@fjdonat see the new metrics app I found at…..”.
This technique serves both as a mention and reply, therefore,  those people that follow the recipient but don’t follow you will still see the post.

4. Use the tool TweetReach ( ) to measure the reach of your tweet. This would be especially helpful for product announcements and event tweets.

Below is an example of the reach of an ibmstorage Twitter account tweet.

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