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How to Create Highly-ReTweeted Tweets – part 1

February 14, 2010

This morning I re-read an interesting blog post by Dan Zarrella on how to creating effective tweets that will extend your reach and engagement via retweets. Here Dan shows us the importance of the type of content you tweet, the time of day you post and the importance of placing links in your content.

Per Dan’s research:

1. When we start to analyze the semantic content of highly-ReTweeted tweets, a few trends start to become apparent:

  • Calls to action (as in: “please ReTweet”), while they might sound cheesy, work very well to get ReTweets.
  • Timely content gets ReTweeted a lot.
  • Freebies are popular.
  • Self-reference (Tweeting about Twitter) works.
  • Lists are huge.
  • People like to ReTweet blog posts.
Most ReTweeted Words and Phrases

Most ReTweeted Words and Phrases

2. Timing of Tweets. You can automate the timing of your tweets by using the free tool Hootsuite .

Retweets by Hour

Retweets by Hour

Another key factor I observed was the issue of timing. As one would expect there is a marked increase in the number of ReTweets that starts during EST business morning hours and that increasingly continues through the rest of the day and night. My own anecdotal evidence suggests that content that is Tweeted during the beginning of this time period gets more ReTweets than content posted at other times.
3. Links in Tweets.

ReTweets by Link Occurences

ReTweets by Link Occurences

Kudos to Dan for his research and insights on how to write for and optimize Twitter.

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